5 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for babies!

Picking the perfect Christmas gift can be difficult. Whether you’re struggling with shopping for expecting parents or you are soon mummy to be who needs a few ideas for their own baby layette, try one of these. We’ve put together our favourites products from our website which will be perfect gifts for new moms and dads and of course for their baby. Our proposals are thoughtful, unique, useful and of course beautiful.

1. Baby Nest

Baby nest is multifunctional and multitasking. It's a perfect spot to sleep in, rest and play for  a baby.  Nest is lightweight and mobil. With our nest baby will be able to accompany you during various activities, such as work, rest on the couch, bath or even during outdoor activities. It's easy to wash and made of non-toxic and breathable materials.

2. Mona Moon Bedding Set

Very soft and lightweight coverlet and comfortable pillow will make child’s sleep special. Made of high quality cotton on both sides. The lightweight, non allergenic silicone filling is breathable and doesn’t retain humidity. This beautiful set is available in 7 gorgeous pattern.

3. Bamboo Blanket

Knitted blanket made from 100% bamboo. Bamboo fabric has thermoregulatory,  antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. Bamboo fabric is also exceptionally soft and light, this makes it breathable and cool. Blankets are gentle in touch. Ideal for babies from the first moments of life. This knitted baby blanket is sure to encourage plenty of snuggle time.

4. Le Pampuch Cotton Blanket

Knitted blanket made from 100% cotton. Cotton fabric has breathable and absorbent properties. Cotton fabric is soft and cool. Blankets are gentle in touch, ideal for babies from day one. It's perfectly sized for taking baby home from hospital, covering baby while napping or keeping baby cosy on walks out in the stroller. Now available at a very affordable price.

5. Anti-shake Pillow

The anti shake pillow is shock-absorbent, supporting the child’s head. Shape of the pillow make the baby’s head less exposed to micro-tremors during travel by car or stroller. Anti shake pillow perfectly fits the position of a child, ensuring peaceful sleep and comfort.