Learning Tower - Kitchen Helper & Step Stool Set

Learning Tower - Kitchen Helper & Step Stool Set

Brand: Love For Sleep

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Introducing our Learning Tower and Step Stool Bundle – Elevate Your Child's Independence and Exploration!

Say goodbye to the days of toddlers tugging at your ankles and yearning to be lifted up. Drawing inspiration from the Montessori philosophy, our Love For Sleep Original Toddler Tower and Step Stool Bundle empowers your child to actively participate in family life, ensuring safety and excitement every step of the way.

The Learning Tower - Kitchen Helper

Our Love For Sleep Original Toddler Tower is designed to evolve alongside your child's growth. With three adjustable heights, it fosters self-reliance and joy in participating in cooking, cleaning, and various kitchen activities. This tower is the perfect choice for curious and independent toddlers embarking on their own kitchen explorations. Embrace the Montessori principle of discovery as your child interacts with the kitchen environment, contributing to language and social skill development.

The Step Stool

Inspired by the spirit of exploration, the Love For Sleep step stool allows your little explorer to observe the world from "grown-up height." Encourage your child's natural curiosity and learning through play, just as Maria Montessori envisioned. A versatile tool in any household with small children, our step stool promotes independence in various ways. From brushing teeth to reaching the top shelf, your child gains the freedom to perform daily tasks like an adult.

Features & Specification

  • Sturdy and robust construction built to withstand the test of time
  • Adapts to your child's growth, the Kitchen Helper features three adjustable heights.
  • Enhances your child's sensory and skill development
  • Simple to assemble by a single person in under 20 minutes
  • 12 months warranty and support afterwards
  • Dimensions (Kitchen Helper): L50 x W40 x H90cm
  • Dimensions (Step Stool): L36 x W40 x H28cm

Embrace the journey of learning and discovery with our Learning Tower and Step Stool Bundle. Elevate your child's confidence, independence and interaction within the family circle. Experience the Montessori-inspired philosophy firsthand and let your child flourish! Explore our selection of top-notch learning towers to discover the ideal fit for your child.