Learning Tower - The Original Kitchen Helper

Learning Tower - The Original Kitchen Helper

Brand: Love For Sleep

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Learning Tower - The Original Learning Tower

No more days of toddlers grabbing your ankles and insisting on being lifted up! Drawing inspiration from the Montessori philosophy, The Love For Sleep Original Toddler Tower empowers your child to actively engage in family life, ensuring safety and fun every step of the way.

With three adjustable heights, this tower evolves alongside your child, empowering them with self-reliance and the delight of participating in cooking, cleaning and a variety of kitchen activities. The Original Love For Sleep learning tower is an ideal choice for inquisitive and independent toddlers who are embarking on their own kitchen explorations. Cultivate your little one's enthusiasm for learning with this adaptable learning tower.

Following the Montessori principle: Allow your child to discover and experience for themselves. Our learning tower provides easy access to the kitchen table or sink, where your child can engage in social interactions and kitchen activities. This contributes to the enhanced development of language and social skills!

Features & Specification

  • Sturdy and robust construction designed to last for years
  • Adapts to your child's growth, featuring three adjustable heights
  • Promotes the emotional and cognitive development of your child
  • Simple to assemble by a single person in under 20 minutes
  • 12 months warranty and support afterwards
  • Dimensions: L50 x W40 x H90cm

We are confident that both you and your young one will find great joy in using this kitchen helper. It serves as a valuable aid, simplifying cooking, baking and various activities, while also encouraging your child to take a more active role in culinary experiences. Explore our selection of top-notch learning towers to discover the ideal fit for your child.