Learning Tower - The Classic Kitchen Helper

Learning Tower - The Classic Kitchen Helper

Brand: Love For Sleep

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Learning Tower - The Classic Kitchen Helper

Say goodbye to those days of a toddler tugging at your legs, pleading to be lifted! Taking inspiration from Montessori principles, the Love For Sleep Toddler Learning Tower offers a secure and enjoyable way for your child to be an active part of family life.

Featuring three adaptable heights, this tower grows alongside your child, empowering them with self-reliance and the joy of contributing to cooking, cleaning, and various kitchen activities.

Designed to allow your child to ascend independently, complete with a safeguarding movable rear bar to prevent any tumbles, this multi-purpose furnishing guarantees your little one years of independence and fun.

Features & Specification

  • Constructed from sturdy natural pine wood for durability
  • Adapts to your child's growth, featuring three adjustable heights
  • The movable rear bar offers convenient access and increased security
  • Supports independent and interactive learning for the child
  • Simple to assemble by a single person in under 20 minutes
  • 12 months warranty and support afterwards
  • Dimensions: L53 x W40 x H90cm

We're sure you and your little one will love this kitchen helper. It will be an invaluable support that will make cooking, baking and other activities easier and will allow your child to participate more actively in culinary adventures. Check out our range of high-quality learning towers to find the perfect one for your child.