SmartCrib | Smart 6in1 Bedside Crib 90x40cm with Aloe Vera Quilted mattress

SmartCrib | Smart 6in1 Bedside Crib 90x40cm with Aloe Vera Quilted mattress

Brand: Love For Sleep

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Discover SmartCrib: The Smarter 6-in-1 Bedside Crib - 90x40cm

Sleep better, feed with ease, and stay close to your baby throughout the night. Crafted from sturdy pine wood, SmartCrib complies with the latest Bedside Crib Standards for your baby's safety and comfort. Installing the crib is a breeze with the included bed straps, and its ten adjustable height positions allow you to set it to the perfect height for your bed.

SmartCrib isn't just any ordinary crib. Its innovative design allows it to adapt to your growing child's needs, from newborn to 6 months old and beyond, with 6-in-1 smart conversions. When your baby outgrows the crib, simply convert it into a toy box, a sitting bench, or even a stunning desk, making it a versatile investment for years to come.

For added convenience, SmartCrib comes equipped with standard rubber wheels that provide mobility so that you can move it around your home with ease. The wheel brake system ensures that the crib stays in place, giving you peace of mind while your baby sleeps or plays. Say goodbye to traditional cribs and hello to SmartCrib - the smarter, more versatile, and more convenient way to crib!

Aloe Vera 5cm Quilted Mattress - Superior Comfort for Your Baby

Our Deluxe Quilted Aloe Vera mattress guarantees a healthy and rejuvenating sleep experience for your little one. Crafted with medium-firm foam and featuring a quilted design, this mattress offers optimal comfort and support. The hypoallergenic cotton cover, infused with Aloe Vera extract, provides antibacterial properties and soothing effects for your baby's delicate skin. Not only is the quilted mattress cover plush and cosy, but it is also conveniently washable, allowing for easy maintenance and cleanliness. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and welcome a peaceful slumber with our Deluxe Quilted Aloe Vera mattress.

What is included?

✔️ SmartCrib 90x40cm with wheels

✔️ Deluxe Quilted Aloe Vera 5cm foam mattress

✔️ Additional wooden safety barrier

✔️ Bed straps

Features & Specification

  • Unique and robust frame made from natural pine wood
  • Space-saving design specifically tailored for smaller nurseries
  • Smart six conversions system ensures a longer lifespan of the product
  • Ten height positions to easily adjust and find the perfect height for your bed
  • Additional wooden barrier provided for use as a bedside crib
  • Set includes bed straps and rubber wheels for added convenience
  • Suitable for newborns up to 6 months old
  • Wood painted with non-toxic paints safe for babies
  • Certified to meets European and British safety standards
  • EN 1130 ✔ BS 5852 ✔ BS 7177 ✔ BS 1877 ✔
  • 12 months warranty and support afterwards
  • External dimensions: L98 x W45 x H76cm

Discover the smarter way to crib with SmartCrib's 6-in-1 Bedside Crib. Crafted from sturdy pine wood, it ensures safety and comfort. With adjustable height positions and smart conversions, it offers convenience and versatility. Enjoy superior comfort for your little one with the Deluxe Quilted Aloe Vera mattress included in the price. Say goodbye to traditional cribs and enjoy a peaceful crib experience with SmartCrib. Shop now!